Restfully Noob

Hi David,

The last route is correct, but what is the chuck method doing ?

maybe you're looking for :collection => {:chuck => :get}

Its not really that weird is it ?

In the second case its passing beetlejuice as the id, your controller
doesn't know its an invalid id until you try and find the record -
@account = Account.find(params[:id])

I think you have 2 choices here:

1) You can keep everything RESTful and add chuck in like this:

map.resources :accounts, :collection => {:chuck => :get}

which will give you the route /accounts;chuck

2) you can include a custom route before your map.resources like this:

map.connect 'accounts/chuck', :controller => 'accounts', :action =>

which give you the route /accounts/chuck

Your choice...#2 is not the restful way AFAIK

Hi Dave,

Just trying to see what's possible with map.resources. I got
the new agile 1.2 book - but it really doesn't explain the difference
between a collection and a member very well.

In a Rails way, it would be Collection has_many :members,
Member belongs_to :collection :slight_smile:

      -- Jean-François.

In this context a member would mean an individual instance of the model

A collection would be interested in more than one member of the model

So the index route/action/view is a collection because it is accessing
a collection of accounts (possibly all accounts)

The show route/action/view however is a member because it is only
interested in one member of the model Account. (hence :id being part
of the route - this is how the individual member is identified)

I hope this is helpful and not more confusing :slight_smile:

disclaimer: I am quite new to ruby/rails/REST so please don't take my
word as gospel.