RESTful named routing conventions

Hi guys,
I'm adding some test coverage to Rails-Core (yay heckle!), and noticed
some odd things in the routing code.

Using the latest trunk, if I do something like this:

  map.resource :assertions, :name_prefix => 'badass_'

I get these routes:


Does it seem like the name_prefix should always be coupled with the
resource name to anyone else? So formatted_edit_badass_assertions vs

And that brings up another point actually.. Why when using name_prefix
does edit_assertion become edit_assertionS? The tests say that it
_should_ be the controller name (plural) instead of the singular name,
but this seems wrong.

Ideas? Is this a bug?

Ok, the singular/plural was a bug on my part. At the same time, does
anyone feel like the name_prefix and the resource should be together,
rather than just prefixing it to the beginning of the route?

Yes, I know changing it now would break code. I'm just throwing it out there.


It looks more natural to me. I say: go for it.


It looks more natural to me. I say: go for it.

Sadly, we've missed 1.2 ... (honest, it's coming real soon now,
honest). Plus it's been documented in a few dead-tree books, and we
try not to break them too often.

Now accepting patches to make something simpler but still backwards
compatible, in trunk.