restful_authentication with rails 2.2

Guys, I am using restful_authentication with rails 2.2 an realized that when a user tries to sign up the activation code that is set to his email is different from the one in the database.
Do you know if this is an issue of rails 2.2?
It used to work fine withe rails 2.1


I have recently setup restful_auth… on
2.2.2 and all the unit tests passed except for a little correction in the
users.yml (fixture)

I have been able to successfully create
and activate users.

I did setup with acts_as_state_machine
(AASM) too.

Some things I would check-

Did the migration from
2.1 to 2.2 succeed?

Are the unit tests

Hope this helps.

-Master Chief

(RoR noob)

Same problem here. I did setup with AASM.
Walking through the source it looks like the function in the model to
generate the activation code is being called twice. Once before save,
and then mysteriously again before the mailer. I'm not sure why this
second call is happening, but that's why the email (and the output in
the logfile) is wrong.
Let me know if you came up with a fix.

This issue is noted right on the plugins github page:

"Pay attention, may be this is not an issue for everybody, but if you
should have problems, that the sent activation_code does match with
that in the database stored, reload your user object before sending
its data through email something like:

    class UserObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer
      def after_create(user)
      def after_save(user)
        UserMailer.deliver_activation(user) if