restful_authentication: update of users' attributes on every page load upon 'Remember me' being enabled?

Hello there,

I just noticed a kinda weird thing: if users log in with the 'Remember
Me' option enabled, their records in the db get updated everytime the
user reloads a page, because apparently restful_authentication's code
updates the remember_token_expires_at & remember_token attributes for
each page load (not only once on the actual login (from cookie).

Wouldn't it make much more sense to set this remember_token_expires_at
and the corresponding token once only and that's it? Or am I missing

Just wanna make sure the db doesn't get hit (writing-wise) over and
over again during a users' browsing session on the site.



well the default remember_me timeout is set to two weeks, so that
shouldn't happen & a user typically doesn't idle on a website with his/
her browser open for 2 weeks .. well at least I hope so :wink:

I do understand the basic idea behind it, but just wondering whether
it is really necessary this way...