restful_authentication "uninitialized constant UserObserver" during generate authenticated


I've installed restful_authentication, added the line:
config.active_record.observers = :user_observer

and run:
script/generate authenticated user session --include-activation

but I get the following error:
active_support/dependencies.rb:266:in `load_missing_constant':
uninitialized constant UserObserver (NameError)

Am I missing something?
My config is:
Ruby 1.8.6
Rails 1.2.4


Is there a user_observer.rb file in the model directory containing a
UserObserver class? The generator usually creates one.

I had this problem:

I think its because you've got acts_as_authenticated and
restful_authentication installed. Remove acts_as_authenticated and
rerun the generator. At least that's what worked for me.


Neil Wilson wrote: