restful authentication => login, nothing happens?


I’m a newbie in the rails environment, I’m now busy with the plugin restful_authentication.

I’ve signed me up without any problems but when I try to log me on the page/login via the form, nothing happens, I see always the page “login” without any changes? No error messages, nothing…

Definitively I would like to be able to connect me as “admin” and directly go to the section “admin”. I’ve already created a file admin (controllers/admin) within the specific “admin” controllers. When I type, I arrive directly on the page “login” but afterwards nothing happens :s

Could you please help me?

Thanks you!

You might have signed up, but are you activated?

I'm not using parts of restful_authentication, users "sign up" by emailing me, and I'll create their user for them (kinda old school I guess)... so I changed a portion of the user model code to avoid the activation stuff.

  def self.authenticate(login, password)     #u = find :first, :conditions => ['login = ? and enabled = ? and activated_at IS NOT NULL', login, true] # need to get the salt     u = find :first, :conditions => ['login = ?', login] # need to get the salt     u && u.authenticated?(password) ? u : nil   end

I also edited the user migration to construct the admin user and set its password. First step after migrating is to login as admin, and create my personal login.

Thanks you, that works perfectly!