REST and security ...


we are creating small site on Rails which fits perfectly into REST
model. One of our futures is security model with roles. In general,
there are 3 types of users: standard, power-user and administrator. We
need also to have different admin users with different roles. Also in
other hand some users can have API access via RESTFUL interface.

Currently we are having standard CRUD interface via rest , something
similar to scaffold generated code:

def index
     @data = SomeCodeWhichLoadData()
     respond_to do |format|
        format.html # index.html.erb
        format.xml { render :xml => @profiles }

My problem is that i need to have standard rights (is user loged in),
plus rights to check if user can have access to html parts (admin v.s.
user v.s. power-user) and also part where i can limit some REST API to
some users.

Is there any standard (Rails) way for doing this? Any ideas how to fit
user rights model into rails app?


Googling for "rails role based permissions" will give you several
articles discussing this problem.
The solution seems to be a) to roll your own, or b) use Aegis (or the
newer CanCan) to handle it for you.

I'm using Aegis in my main current project, in combination with
Clearance for authentication, but reading the CanCan docs, I'm very
tempted to use that next time as it.

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