Rest and Scaffold Resource Question

Hey John,

However, after thinking about this, I could see this being an issue when

it comes to using products with the non-admin controllers (ex. The

actual store), where I would need to map products again. Any solution

to this?

Well unless I'm misunderstanding the problem, you can just map them twice and both urls will work --once for admin and once for the regular products

The second question is, I realized that scaffold_resource has a few

bugs, which I believe a patch has been submitted. When using

scaffold_resource ‘admin/Product’ for example, I noticed it creates a

model in app/model/admin/ rather then how the “regular” scaffold creates

it in app/model/. Is this correct? I just want to make sure I am

redoing my app correctly before I go any further; I was keeping all the

models in the models directory not in any subdirectories after that.

Can’t really help too much here but I tried running scaffold_resource by giving it a directory/name and I got an error about a missing layouts directory. Perhaps the scaffolding generator just doesn’t support specifying a directory? You might have to create some directories manually if you want it setup that way, but not sure.