REST and nested resources more than one level?

Is it possible to nest a resource more than a single level? For
example something like this:

map.resources :articles do |article|
    article.resources :comments do |comment|
        comment.resources :foo

Don’t see why not. Have you tried it and had problems?


The scenario explained in that article is pretty specific. There are
many instances where nesting further than a single level deep is
necessary. For example, if you were creating CRM system, you may have
a structure like:

map.resources :customers do |customers|
    customers.resources :ships do |ships|
        ships.resources :accounts

Here, each customer can have many shipping addresses and for each
shipping address there can be many ship accounts (ups, fedex, etc). In
addition, a shipping account is only associated with a single shipping
address and therefore should only be referenced through the shipping