respond_to wrong in ie -- html requests seen as text/javascript

Anyone come across this problem?

It may be something I'm doing somewhere, but my page renders fine in
Firefox, and returns a syntax error in Internet explorer.

Very strange, I thought, then I traced it to the fact that the IE
request is responding to format.js while the firefox request is
responding to format.html:

  def index_response
    respond_to do |format|
      format.js {
        puts("was js")
        if (params[:search] && params[:search][:current])
          puts("search current")
          render :template=>"models/association_page.rjs"
          puts("rendering div partial")
          render :partial=>'div',:collection=>@objects,
      format.html {
        puts("was html")
        if @exact_objects.size == 1 && @objects.empty?
          @object = @exact_objects.to_a.first
          redirect_to :action=>'show', :id=>
        elsif @exact_objects.empty? && @objects.empty? && logged_in?


for the IE request, it logs:
"was js"
"rendering div partial".

while the firefox request logs
"was html"

Any ideas what could cause this?

Never mind -- I didn't realize a page could respond to different mime
types, and the Responder would respond to the first one that works, so
I switched the order and that works.