Required :Embed voice recorder on a webpage for a rural innovation project

Dear Ruby Community,

We are a startup (Dhwani Rural Information Systems) who help build customized and scalable ICT solutions for NGO’s and Development Agencies by providing them a tool to send critical information in rural areas as a voice call.

All the ngo has to do is to upload a recorded message, select the phone number to call and press the send button. Earlier we were using desktop software like audacity for voice recording and file format conversion into the appropiate format which is mentioned below. We were facing some issue with that because its complex to use and not friendly for a novice user in ngo who are not that techsavy to use softwares.

We were wondering if we can have a voice recorder on our own web application The file format of the recorded file should be in [wav 16bit 8khz mono ] only.

Do you provide a widget or a plugin or something similar that we can put it on our website and help us record the file in the particular format only as mentioned above? If not can you please suggest a way to meet our requirements

Thanks & Regards,

Sunandan Madanl | Student - Programme in Rural Management | IRMA|

Roll No: 33084 |M: +919601409658 |

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Hello Dheeraj,

haven’t used anything like this before though this must help you -



You might also want to checkout Red5… it can do both audio and video…

Thanks and Regards

Satish N Kota

I’m not the OP :slight_smile:

Since this is about rural development and stuff, I assumed the OP’s users would be using older, non-HTML5 supported browsers. Hence my recommendation.

Also, Red5 seems like an overkill. All he wants is WAV, not a full-blown media server.

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