require 'postgres'


I'm trying to write a test application that queries a postgres
database, which so far I've managed to do but in a limited way. I'm
completely lost how to perform transactions and how to return the
primary key id for newly inserted rows. hopefully by placing some
code someone might be able to help,

require 'postgres'

db = PGconn.connect('localhost',
results = db.exec('select * from testtable')

I can then loop on results and display them using puts.

However suppose i wanted to issue the following statement but within a
transaction? I simply can't find any documentation anywhere to help

db.exec('delete from testtable')

in addition, suppose i was to insert a row into testtable and want the
id returned back? i can't figure that out either.

can anyone help?

Are you trying to do this in Rails?

You know you could use the config/database.yml to set up the database and install the connector. You’re complicating things that don’t need complicating.

I'm trying to do it outside of rails, so purely in ruby, but there's a
distinct lack of documentation covering postgres within ruby.