require_gem is obsolete error

Hi all,

I upgraded my gem, ruby and rails installations yesterday. The versions are now respectively. Now, when I run the server I see this warning message:

"/usr/local/bin/rake:17:Warning: require_gem is obsolete. Use gem instead."

and when I close it down I see this error message:

"Couldn't find any pid file in '/Users/ian/projects/rails/atest/tmp/pids' matching 'dispatch.[0-9]*.pid'
(also looked for processes matching "/Users/ian/projects/rails/atest/public/dispatch.fcgi")"

These happen even with a brand new created application (as in the atest application shown here). I'm baffled because I hadn't seen these before. Can anyone point me to what may be going wrong?



If you can, upgrade to rails 1.2.3. These errors go away in that