request for on remote servers (is it caching?)

Hi everyone,
I'm having some trouble understanding what's going on with my
production server.
When a page is accessed, sometimes after the page is already displayed
(in the log I get a 200 OK message for the entire page), I see tons of
requests for, and I just can't understand where they're
coming from.
I read a bit about caching and mongrel and I'm starting to think it
might have something to do with caching (although I have not specified
caching for any of my controllers, in the production.rb it is set to

The real problem is I have a routing redirect for every request that
does not start with www (e.g: to be direct to the
user/index action. so what happens with those unknown requests is that
they too are redirected which is causing heavy load for the webserver
for no reason.

I can of course work around the issue of the redirection somehow, but
i'm more in interested in why it happens.


Are you using Pound for the load balancing by any chance?

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Nope, I'm running mongrel cluster with apache 2.0...
It seems that whenever I try to access a page, after it is generated
and sent a lot of other calls are also
logged to by an unknown source... :slight_smile:
also strange is that the session id of these calls is not the same as
the session id of my own user, meaning it is indeed not requests made
by me.
Any thoughts?

Peter De Berdt wrote:

Are they requests for images, css and javscript files?

Have you looked in the Apache log to correlate the requests?

good idea, thanks for the advice.
there are in fact entries in the access log like this: - - [24/May/2007:22:01:38 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 89 "-"
"Apache/2.2.4 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.4 OpenSSL/0.9.8b PHP/5.2.1 (internal
dummy connection)"

for each of the requests I get in my production.log.

there are also lots of entries for stylesheets, js and images, but the
one I've pasted is trying to access "/", which then gets redirected to
rails and logged in my rails log file. I wonder what's causing those

thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: