req: Method executed in link_to


This might very well be Rails 102 stuff, but it's doing my little head

Simple request - I want to create a link within my View to fire off a
system call to run an external program.

In this example it's pretty easy - run a Windows system command that
simply starts something (it's not what I'm trying to achieve but it's
an easy debug method):

  def method_to_run
    system('start dir > test.txt')

How the *heck* do I link to this method within my View?

A simple <%= link_to feature, :method => method_to_run %> results in
the following error:

undefined local variable or method `method_to_run' for #<#<Class:


Reference on link_to here:

:method is used for specifying HTTP method such as POST, GET, etc.

The parameter that you are passing (method_to_run) is not a valid value for :method.

I suggest you define a controller and invoke one of its methods through the link.


link_to “Feature”, :controller => “mycontroller”, :action => “method_to_run”

Of course, I should have known that :method was for the HTTP method.


I guess i just need to write the correct routes now.