Reporting from Ruby/Rails

At our company we normally use Crystal Reports or Cognos for any reports which need to be generated from an application. This software has api's for Java which make it pretty easy to run a report. Anyone have experience with these "enterprisey" reporting tools with ruby? Other options which people have used?

No, but I've used pdf-writer to roll my own reports. You have to lay everything out by hand, so maybe this is not an enterprisey solution. wrote:

This has been getting good word of mouth though I've not yet used it myself:

- Walter Korman -- wrote:

Eclipse BIRT is a good solution.


Sure, if you're using Java. It can be made to work with rails with some glue such as a web service however.


you could take a look at JasperReports.

it's a java based mature solution. i'm just looking for a good way to integrate it into my rails application. for now every report is heating up an jvm. works fine. but in a large environment im sure thats not the right way.

also they have a nice, free grphical tool to draw up the reports.

here's a short description how to integrate JasperReports into Rails