Rendering Partial from another Folder

Hey Guys i’m New to Rails (3 weeks now) and i’m Trying to render a Partial from my app/views/pins to my layouts/_header (My Menu) in a Modal. Im Using Bootstrap.

So i render it with <%= render **"pins/form"** %> but i get an ``undefined method model_name’ for NilClass:Class.]`

My Modal Looks Like This :



Modal header

<%= render 'pins/form' %>
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I searched 2 days now for a possible solution but found nothing :(

Can anybody help me ?



So find the object that 'model_name' is being called on and figure
out why it's nil.

If you look through the call stack that should have been displayed in
the server window then you should find it referencing one of your
lines of code. There you will find which object is nil.