Rendering all the elements when calling Array#to_xml

When I call to_xml on an array, I want it to get the XML for all the elements in it. I've defined to_xml in my class.


=> "<video><id>1</id><views>2</views></video>"

a = [r]

=> [#<StatisticsReport:0x3259f38 @video_id=1, @views=2>]


=> "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n<statistics-reports>\n</statistics-reports>\n"

As you can see, I've got an array, with the lone element responding to to_xml. But when I call to_xml on the array it doesn't include the element's XML. So how do I get it to render the element's XML as well?


I figured it out, and wrote an explanatory blog post at