Rendering a View Creates Session

I have a controller action that I am disabling via: "session :off"

I am noticing that a session is created when this action's view is
rendered. Specifically, a session is created when this line in my
view code is executed:

<%= image_tag @image_path %>

Taking out this line leads to no session being created as desired.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks in advanced

I should clarify that sessions for that particular action is disabled
via "session :off, :only => 'no_session_action'"

When I disable sessions globally by putting "session :off" in
application.rb, no session is created when the client browser loads
the view rendered by no_session_action.

Also, sessions get created for nonsense urls that lead to the 404
page, which is something I do not want to happen.

So it appears what I need to do is detect calls that the server does
not respond to (nonsense urls, browser loading images) and not create
sessions for these calls.

If anybody knows how I can do this, I would really appreciate the