render :template render:partial

  In the main file i have to include a code portion (just one table with
an image_tag..) as
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" >
   <td class="clearGif25"
width="20"><%=image_tag("/images/menu/big.png", {:class=>"noborder"})%>
   <td class="pageTopHeader" valign="center">User Profile </td>

     This has to be included in several other files .. So I put this in
another file which is not a partial file.And tried to call it like

<%= render :template=>'user_profile/user_profile_header_picture.rhtml'

But this is not working..And if it were a partial file I could do it
successfully like

<%= render :partial=>'user_profile/user_profile_header_picture.rhtml' %>

     So my question is, to include such a file should it be
partial.Can't i include a non partial file? And also what is the use of
render :template ?

Thanks in advance