(remote_)for_form placement, most bizar error seen so far

Dear list,

I must be going mad. My code:

<p class="online_more_info" style="display: none">

<%=h user.phone %><br />
<%=h user.company %><br />
<% @message = Message.new %> #UGLY, someone has a solution?
<% form_for([@project, @message]) do |f| %>
  <%= f.hidden_field('recipient_id', :value => user.id ) %>
  <%= f.text_area('text', :size =>"10x4") %><br />
  <%= submit_tag('Verstuur') %>
<% end %>

So the form is enclosed in a hidden p tag. This works like a charm in
Opera, however in FF the form does show! 'show source' shows the
correct HTML but Firebug shows that the p tag closes _before_ the
form. Really really weird.
Does this sound familiar to someone?

With kind regards,

PS @message can be empty as it is really simple, now fixed with an
ugly hack. Any suggestions?

The P element cannot contain block-level elements like FORM [1].
Firefox tends to be pretty strict about form elements, so I suspect
that's your problem. It should work if the wrapping element is a DIV


That must be it. Thank you I didn't know that(obviously). Thanks for the link
as well.

mboeh@desperance.net wrote: