Release 9200 produces SystemStackError


After updaing edge rails to release 9200 or greater, the following error is produced.

'stack level too deep'

Release 9200 (titled: Add efficient #include? to AssociationCollection (for has_many/has_many :through/habtm). [stopdropandrew]) does not seem to have any major changes and I can't find anything obvious that would cause this error, does anyone have any suggestions to what may be going wrong?

Cheers, Scott


Maybe this is due to a bug in will_paginate that was recently resolved. Try to get the newest will_paginate release 2.2.1 (either as a gem or from github)

Hope this helps!

cheers Martin Gamsjaeger

Martin is right, you should update to the latest state of the master branch or simply install and use the latest version of the gem.

My suggestion is to update the gem version regularly, especially if you find a bug (maybe it’s has been solved already, like this one).

Yep, cheers, updating will_paginate has solved the problem.

Thanks, Scott