Refresh a partial onClick using ajax call in rails 3.x

Hi All,

     I want to refresh a partial onClick, onClick i am making ajax call and getting the data but i am unable to refresh the partial. here is the code

IN views: home.html.erb $(document).ready(function() { var currentCellText; $(".inline").click(function() { currentCellText = $(this).text(); $.ajax({   type: 'GET',   dataType: "json",   url:'/test',   async: false,   data:{ foo1:currentCellText         },   dataType: "json",   success:function(data){         alert(data); $("ul#mymenu ul#mixed").html(data);         }, error:function(data){ alert("Error"); } }); }); }); <body> <%= render(:partial => "partial", :object => @object) %> </body>

contoller action

def some_action

          @object = Class.where(some_condition)           render :home do |page|                 page["#myMenu #mixed"].replace_html :partial => "event" :object=> @object           end end

partial _partial.html.erb

<ul id="myMenu" class="contextMenu">         <ul id="mixed">                 <li><%="My Events"%>                         <ul>                                 <li><span>                                         <%@object.each do |k|%>                                                 <li><%=k%></li>                                         <%end%>                                 </span></li>                         </ul>                 </li>


how can I refresh this partial onclick.

Thank you for your guidance but i am stuck here i am unable to use getScript properly

After executing my code

In views home.html.erb: $(document).ready(          function() {          $(".inline").click(function() {             currentCellText = $(this).text();             $('.dynamic').load('/test',{foo1: currentCellText});         }); });


match '/test', to: 'sessions#some_action'

controller code:

def some_action @object = Class.where(some_condition) respond_to do |format|                 format.js end

some_action.erb $(".dynamic").html("<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => 'partial', :locals => {:object => @object})).html_safe %>");

my partail _partial.html.erb <ul id="myMenu" class="contextMenu">         <ul id="mixed">                 <li><%="My Events"%>                         <ul>                                 <li><span>                                         <%@object.each do |k|%>                                                 <li><%=k%></li>                                         <%end%>                                 </span></li>                         </ul>                 </li>


Present output $(".dynamic").html("

    \n         \n         My Events\n             \n             \n <\/span><\/li>\n <\/ul>\n <\/li>\n

Please guide me how to use getScript(), is there any example for this. And onClick i have to refresh my partial with @object values and display it in html.