[Refactor]Reserwavtion system - action book

Hi, I have in my controller action book, but it looks ugly. How to refactor its right way?

Without delving too deep into the actual logic....

You've got a bunch of "unless this else that". Generally speaking, if
you're using an "else", using "unless" makes it much more difficult
for a reader to follow, because of the multiple negations. With an
"else", stick to "if".

Other than that, I'd suggest organizing it along the lines of:

  if some error condition
    complain about this one
  elsif another error condition
    complain about that one
  elsif some other error condition
    complain about the other one
  # lather, rinse, repeat
  else # all is happy!
    do what the user was trying to do

Now, within the "do what the user was trying to do", you may wind up
finally being able to calculate or retrieve some things you need to
analyze further error conditions. There are several approaches. You
can just nest these again, within reason, or make the happy path a
method call, wherein you repeat that pattern.


You should move most conditions to validations. That IMHO is the best way to refactor this.

Dheeraj Kumar

delegating some logic in to models methods might help.

D'oh, you're right, I totally glossed over that it was in his
*controller*! Yeah, this is a canonical time when the Zen master
should whack the student upside the head, and remind him of the
mantra, "skinny controller, fat model".... :wink: