Reducing ActionCable dependencies?

I’ve noticed that Rails’s gem dependency count has gone from 34 in 4.2.4 to 55 in 5.0.beta1. I think much of this is due to pulling in all of Celluloid and EventMachine via ActionCable. I’d be interesting in working to minimize this footprint, perhaps by using concurrent-ruby’s thread pools rather than celluloid actors.

Is there any interest in me pursuing this work? Has anyone else investigated in this direction?



the Rails core already agreed that this would be the best direction but nobody yet had time to work on this.

If you want to work on this it would be awesome.

Let us know if you need something from our side. If you want to discuss I can invite you to our private Basecamp project.

Please have at it, Mike! If we can get what we want from concurrent-ruby alone, that’s a great win.

Hey Mike,

I would love to follow along and help out anyway I can with this. I’m unsure how I can go about doing that as I am still getting my feet wet with developing on the Rails core.

  • Daniel

Taking Celluloid out is easier than taking faye/eventmachine.

One approach could be to do as in activejob, i.e. leave the interface and a dev-only implementation in Rails and let other gems to the heavy work.

This would greatly improve the choices, as eventmachine is not the only event-based WS server around (I think reel has done something for celluloid-io, for example).

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