redirect_to puts me from https to http

I'm trying to deploy my application. I basically followed the cookbook
in the rails book. But I have a problem.

My incoming requests are I do a RewriteRule to
pass it to a Proxy with two mongrel BalanceMembers as and 8001. All that is working fine except when my
rails code executes a redirect_to there(id) function. That puts me back
to an http request. I have my Apache server set up so that you can not
get to these pages using http so the server gives me back a page not
found or permission denied or something like that.

I think I understand why this is happening. As far as mongrel and rails
thinks, this is an http request.

Can I get mongrel to pass the request to rails as if it was https?

Try adding these two lines to your apache configuration:

  RequestHeader set X_FORWARDED_PROTO "https"
  RequestHeader set X_ORIGINAL_PROTOCOL "https"

If you're using VirtualHost blocks, these lines go in that block.