RedCloth to_html strange behaviour


I'm parsing user's input with RedCloth library. But it removes all spaces between elements, rounded by "*" , "_" , also between these elements and normal text.

Example :


Loading development environment."a baba *gala* _maga_").to_html

=> "<p>a&#160;baba<strong>gala</strong><em>maga</em></p>"

But in irb - everything is ok:

irb(main):003:0>"a baba *gala* _maga_").to_html => "<p>a baba <strong>gala</strong> <em>maga</em></p>"

Can anyone tell me what is the problem here ? thanks.

which redcloth are you using? I know there are strange problems with paragraphs and hard_breaks in 3.0.4:

Roman Semenenko wrote:


I read somewhere that 3.0.4. was buggy, and downgrading to version 3.0.3. of the gem solved my textile-related problems.


Yes , thank you guys , 3.0.3 works perfect ))