Recycled objects


I am developing a Rails app where I need to pass an object around
between views. I am doing this by sending each view the object_id, and
then doing

@theObject = ObjectSpace._id2ref(params[:objid])

This is a really bad idea (and of course were you ever to have more
than one mongrel then the 2 requests could be server by completely
separate processes, which means that it would be completely impossible
for this to ever work).

There are two problems with this: One, it's not very elegant. Is
there a
way? Two, I get an intermittent error, "RangeError : 0xfooba4 is
recycled object". I *suspect* this happens because my object is
garbage collected
between views. Since it is an instance member of my controller object
(I've also
experimented with making it a class member), I feel this ought not to
but there it is.

A given instance of controller only lasts for one request. I suspect
you're running in dev mode, so classes are also reloaded after each

Can anyone suggest a better method for persisting my
so all my views have access to it, and it doesn't get garbage

Serialize it and store the data in the db, memcached or even the


Hmm, ok, I took him to mean views as, well, views. If you indeed mean
between page requests, then yes, store them in the session or another
persistent area. However, if you really do mean between separate views
in during the same request, then :locals is what you want.


Frederick Cheung wrote:

Most web apps do database reads on every request. If it is semi-static
you can always use page or view caching if it turns out to be a
bottleneck. For a web server the load must be very high (wrt request/
second) before the db becomes the bottleneck, especially for a Rails

Regarding sessions they (to me) seem to be what you want to use. There
is not a problem with different users. The point of a session is that
the web server creates a specific session for each user. So if you
write session[:user_name] = params[:name] in a controller it will
store different values for different web users. If the objects are
large they should not be stored in the sessions, there are multiple
articles around on this but I don't have any references handy.

If you need further tips, please specify more precisely what you want
to store between requests.


Erik Lindblad