RecordSelect 0.9 - replacing the <select> for picking a record

Hello everyone!

Have you ever needed to ask the user to pick one of a list of records?
Ever struggled with the usability and performance of generating a
humongous dropdown list?

RecordSelect is my answer. It provides a paginated, searchable, and
RESTful way to browse a list of records and select the right one. It
even allows keyboard navigation, because I thought that sounded pretty

Want to see more? Check out the demo app from SVN.

Feedback is appreciated! Even if it's a friendly "yo, something else
already does this ... better."



* project homepage:
* demo app:
* plugin repo:
* my blog:


i'm using RecordSelect but i have some problems.
If possible, send me your contact on Skype,Msn, or personal email, so i
can make some questions on this great Plugin.

I'm using either ActiveScaffold with it.

Thanks for all, answer me, please!!!


Lance wrote: