Recording a Live Earning Cast call

Hi all,

I am working on a project, in this I am assigned a task, this task
consist of recording a live earning cast call when administrator press
single button for that event.
The Earning cast call are basically conference calls which happen at
the company premises.
How can I implement this recording functionality in ROR,
Please help me


You're going to need to provide a lot more information to get any kind
of helpful reply on this. How is the call being broadcast? I suppose
one could capture a streaming-audio broadcast and save it to disk.

--Matt Jones

Hi Mat,

thanks for you reply
basically I am crawling data from other site, what client wants is,
during web-casting that call should be simultaneously recorded at my
side. We have the recording task, that records the cast after it has
archived, now I want live recording functionality, how can I implement

Thanks and regards,