Record Remote IP Address

I've seen several examples online about people wanting to record the visitors remote IP Address for their own reasons. In my case I want to record the IP address from a remote computer that uses a dynamic IP address. I need this information saved without user interaction. Right now I have a simple cron script set up on the remote servers that will open a text browser for a few seconds to a page hidden on my website. This way I can keep track of the remote ip address.

I currently have:   def set_current_ip     @remoteip =     @remoteip.dyn_ip = request.env['REMOTE_ADDR']   end

And it works great. How ever I also need to record @remoteip.orgainization and My first thoughts were to use GET or POST and append the information on the end of the url. I've not used GET or POST for some time and could really use some help.

If anyone knows of a better solution I'm open for suggestions.

I figured it out.

def set_current_ip if params[:organization] && params[:host] @getip = @getip.organization = params[:organization]

   = params[:host]
            @getip.dyn_ip = request.env['REMOTE_ADDR']

It works if I manually set the url to http :///remoteip**?organization=mycompany&host=fileserver**

It works for now and there is still a lot more I should do to this so I am still open for ideas.