recommended rails performance tuning

here are terms to google for:

query analysis
logfile analysis
website statistics
database indexes
javascript/CSS file compression
"rails go vroom"

Good luck!

Hi shiva,

this is what i did, which i feel might help you,

1. First i installed ruby-prof(very good tool) gem, and i profiled my
      i found that my static database table queries are consuming
20%-30% of my response time.
      so planning to use acts_as_cached (which while spiking showed
18-20% boost)

2. And i am using gettext for internationalization which was
consuming around 20% of response time,
      as i thought, this was unnecessary for default(English)
language. So, i wrote a wrapper for gettext, which straight away gave
20% boost.

3. And just did some code cleanup.(refactoring).

4. And find tuned query to for faster response time.

5. And implemented file level caching logic for tables, which are
very huge(partitioned table).(this gave 21%-25%)

As gene said planning to implement javascript/stylesheet/image
and mongrel_rails with apache will be better approach for production
and i am still in rails 1.1.6, so upgrading to rails 1.2.3 is on the
way.(don't know this may give some boost, may be)

one more thing is if you are using oracle, you can cursor_sharing,
prefetch_limit values in database.yml file to 'similar' and
500(suitable for me).

and One more thing is Do some google on GC(Garbage Collector) of ruby,
which you can fine tune according to your application,
surely the above approach will give some boost.

all these results are with respect to 10 users accessing my
application concurrently.

Good Luck,

Hi shiva,

i guess this will help for sure,