Recommendation for out of box solution for subscription-based content platform?

Howdy -

I’ve been developing in rails for a bit, and technically could integrate braintree or a similar payment processor with a rails app that also handles registration and has separate membership / roles attributes…

But hopefully there’s an already built in solution to just test a minimal viable product?

Features needed:

  1. Connect with Amazon web services to handle storage / streaming of files

  2. User registration with recurring subscription and self-subscribe / management

  3. Paygate functionality that controls access to certain pages / content and has easy freemium tier management / settings.

Does anything out there exist - free or paid - that can do the basics of what I want? I’m looking for something similar to what wordpress has with s2member.

Let me know.



Have you seen the Rails Composer project, and the sample sites built with it ? There's a recurring payment system version in there, ready to go.