RE: [Rails] moving a project from windows to linux

How easy is it to do this. Is it simply a case of copying the project
directory over to the linux directory or does one have to create a new
project in the linux system and copy paste (due to the wonders of rails
magic)??? -- Posted via

There's really nothing special about it. You do have to make sure that it has access to the appropriate databases, the gems it is dependent upon are installed, and that the target server has the same version of Rails (unless you vendor it in vendor/rails).

You might wan tto check out Capistrano for easier deployment, however, that way it can perform all the necessary steps automatically. I'd recommend running:

rake gems:install
rake db:create:all
rake db:migrate

That should be sufficient, I think.

We develop on Windows/Mac and deploy to Linux servers with no changes.

Make sure your environment.rb file is setup to specify the appropriate
Rails version and that you also specify all the gems used by the
application (using config.gem). That way, if your Linux machine is
missing anything, you won't be able to startup a Mongrel/Webrick