RE: [Rails] Concerns about starting a new "RESTfull compliant" site

I've no problems mapping some concepts to resources like the
classics article, post, person, event, etc... But some
aspects of a WebApp I find no REST answer, like a "homepage"
which shows a summary of the latests articles, posts and
events in the site. It's not about 1 resource or a collection
of resources of the same kind, it's about a bunch of
different resources.

In this case, your homepage is a resource which summarizes the latest
changes to the articles, posts, and events resources. In this case, GET
is a meaningful request, while POST, PUT, and DELETE are probably not.
Your dashboard resource probably acts similarly, while your "about this
site" resource probably behaves more like a traditional static file.

- donald

Mmm... Ok. But I see no Homepage model (or dashboard, or about) in
Would it be teorically ok (thinking of REST and resources) to have a
HomepageController which manages no model?

All examples I've seen have a 1 to 1 relation between a Controller and
a Model.