RE: [Rails] Anyone know a VERY simple smtp server for linux? [OT]

I dont have smpt details of my ISP and i'd like to setup a mail server
on my local machine while I test my rails app (actionmailer).

What is the simplest and easiest smtp mail server to setup on SUSE 10?
I'm not an advanced Linux user, so it needs to be very simple and easy
to setup.

I thought the default e-mail server for SUSE is postfix. Configuring is
quite straight forward, via YaST. Simply click network services, then
Mail Transfer Agent, then follow the prompts.

You indicate that you don't know your ISP's mail info. Why not? The
simplest and easiest way to get things working is to configure your MTA
as a smart host that simply forwards to your ISP. Let them do the heavy
lifting for you.