RE: datetime_select causing 1 error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes

I have recently updated to rails gem: 2.2.2 and am getting an error
when datetime_select or a plugin using datetime_select
(unobtrusive_datetime_picker -

The update is using the basic query and update based on parameters
     @tour_request = TourRequest.find(params[:id])


and no matter if I use in the view I still get the same error:

%=f.unobtrusive_datetime_picker :booked_datetime,:include_blank=>true, :order=>
[:month,:day,:year,:hour,:minute],:minute_step=>5 %>
f.select_datetime :booked_datetime,:minute_step=>5,:include_blank=>true, :order=>
[:month,:day,:year,:hour,:minute] %>

Any insight into what is causing this error or maybe some experience
as there is a ton I've found but nothing with a definitive solution.

full error with the parameters:

My ugly work around is as follows. Just by passing the rails magic
and building the datetime value on my own in the controller

#work around for broken datetime_select
    #add read for am/pm
    params[:tour_request][:"booked_datetime(7i)"].to_i==-1 ? params
[:tour_request][:"booked_datetime(4i)"].to_i : params[:tour_request]

   #clean up to avoid multivariable error

I know it is a rusty hammer but hit appears to be hitting nails into
the wood just fine.