RCov excluding views and including comments


I am using Rails 3, RSpec 2 and the rcov gem.

I am running rcov on my specs with the following rake task:

  desc "Run all specs with rcov"
  RSpec::Core::RakeTask.new(:rcov => spec_prereq) do |t|
    t.rcov = true
    t.pattern = "./spec/**/*_spec.rb"
    t.rcov_opts = %w{--rails --include views -Ispec --exclude

Firstly the view specs are not included in the results. How can I see code
coverage for the views in the rcov results?

Secondly, the code coverage for the models are quite low.
When I look at the details it is because the comment lines are highlighted
as not executed.
How can I fix this?

Lastly, it seems that most (if not all) of the method definitions are marked
as not executed.
Is there a way to correct this?

Thanks, Daryn