rake test without running re-creating database?

Mark wrote:

Please correct me if I have any of this wrong:
When I run rake test this first re-cerate's my test database, however
because I am using a data type that is unsupported by rails, rake is

Where are you using this data type?

I don't know if a non-primitive data type will interact correctly inside a fixture, but you should at least be able to put this in the top of your fixture:

<% require 'my_esoteric_type' %>

    id: 2
    data: etc.

Is there a way to run the tests without recreating the database?

Yes. Use rake test --trace --dry-run, find the name of the low-level task that calls the actual tests, and invoke that on a command line instead of test.

Tip: You want to use fixtures in your tests. You need them now, and you need them later. Trust me! Work a little, now, to fix them with this data type.