rake test:units is trying to load my schema every time

This is normal. The tests will essentially drop your test database and
recreate it each time they're run, in order to ensure that they're
working off the most current incarnation of your app.

If for some reason they're unable to do that, it says to me something is
broken with your project or your database. What is the message you get
when they fail?


The message I keep getting is that one of my tables already exists.
It's the first one in my schema. I noticed that some of my tests have
trouble between runs when it goes to drop certain tables, and it says
there's data or foreign key problems. I fgured that was the order of
the fixtures, but I don't know. How does Rails know the order to drop
things in so you don't get foreign key constraint issues?

Well, I'm not entirely sure this is correct, but I *believe* that it
works by deleting all the tables, then cloning the development database.
Yeah, digging through the rake tasks confirms this; the test task
(through a few steps of prereqs) calles db:test:purge.

How can I debug this? Is there a rake tasks that lets me drop my
database? Is it user permissions? I'm logging in as root.

db:test:purge will empty your test database.

Don't log in as root :slight_smile: Set up new users for your databases.

What database engine are you using? Is your test database different
from your production/development databases?


It doesn't get the order right, basically. You will need to specify
your fixtures in an order that will allow them to be dropped without
any problems.

DHH has said not to use database constraints [1], and as such we
continue to run into problems like these. I've found your best bet is
not to use a database at all when testing, and to use mocks instead


[1] http://www.loudthinking.com/arc/000516.html
[2] http://glu.ttono.us/articles/2006/09/02/mocking-models