rake doc:status_codes


I regularly search the Rails docs for the table of HTTP status codes and symbols (e.g. 418 :im_a_teapot) and make use of http://httpstatus.es/

Would a pull request be welcome with a rake task rake doc:status_codes that prints the status codes with their associated symbols to the console?

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Take a look at the ‘cheat’ gem


‘cheat’ gem is not maintained anymore.
I did a similar one called cheatly: http://cheatly.arthurnn.com/

Thanks Andrew, thanks Arthur, these cheat gems are good references.

If any devs would like a dedicated rake task for status codes: https://github.com/eliotsykes/rspec-rails-examples/blob/master/lib/tasks/status_codes.rake

http://httpstatus.es/ alternative http://httpstatusdogs.com/


I don’t know what editor/IDE you use but RubyMine completes the status in many places (e.g. when specified as an argument to render status:).

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