rake db:migrate confusion following Cucumber upgrade

I recently upgraded Cucumber gem from 0.1.16 to 0.3.11. I ran ruby script/generate cucumber.

When I ran rake features I received an error telling me I had pending migrations and should run rake db:migrate. I ran rake db:migrate despite fact that my db is up to date. I was confused that the migrations ran from the beginning. However the migrations seem to have no effect on my database. Eventually an error came up that a table already exists. All the tables already exist.

In the log an early error Error: Table 'schema_info' already exists: CREATE TABLE `schema_info`. However, my migration number is stored in schema_migrations.

I'm having real trouble making sense of this. I would be very grateful is someone could suggest some debugging techniques. I've tried using --trace, but this does not help.

Many thanks,


Try erasing the db. rake db:migrate VERSION=0