rake aborted undefined method precision()

I am following Aqile Web Development IV, page 82, added precision to the migration

class CreateProducts < ActiveRecord::Migration def self.up create_table :products do |t| t.string :title t.text :description t.string :image_url t.decimal :price, :precision => 8, :scale => 2


end end def self.down drop_table :products end end

when I run rake db:migrate I get an error:

--create_table (:products) --precision() rake aborted! An error has occurred, this migration cancelled:

undefined method 'precision' for #ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SQLite3Adapter:0x47a07b0

how do I solv this?


I solved the issue by uninstalling Ruby 1.8.7, and installing 1.9.2


Per-olof Hermansson wrote: