railsdav - help

hi, not sure if
a) this is the right spot
b) railsdav is still "in use" or other "plugins" are preferred

goal: to use webdav

i installed railsdav according to the guide on:

i added
act_as_railsdav , basedir > public
def webdav #gets called via the routes.rb
res=get_resource_for_path(params[:info_path]) #tried fixed path, eg:

map. connect "mydav/*info_path" , controller>..., action>webdav

problem is the whole thing throws an WebDavErrors::ForbiddenError error in the get_resource_for_path function, but all the file-permissions are fine on the test.txt...

im not sure how the controller-action should look like to make
everything happen, so im open to everything. tutorials are rare...

thx for any pointer!

Hi Tom,

the correct place for this would be on the rubyonrails-talk mailing list. This list is for Ruby on Rails core discussion. For help and assistance, check out the rubyonrails-talk mailing list.


That's very true, but...

As far as I know, the various plugins/patches to allow writing webdav
apps in rails are all getting rather long in the tooth and probably
haven't stayed up to all the changes in Rails. One of the issues with
webdav is that it adds additional method types to http which Rails
doesn't understand.

I submitted a patch to allow controlled addition of http methods to
the rails stack some 7 months ago

But it seems to have escaped notice. It's probably not still up to date.

yeah - thx for ur input. i see the dilema. not very motivating since
webdav is still important, at least i think so. i just spent a few
hours with railsdav, havent gone through the whole thing yet since its
a little "confusing". but i hope it will make sense soon.

for now i guess i just have to follow the tickets / changes.

thx rick