Railsconf outside the U.S?

I’m being optimistic here that in 6 months we will be able to sit together in large rooms again. Anyone knows how Railsconf locations are determined? I think not once was it set outside the U.S, is there a reason for that? Is it defined as an American conference? (I think it isn’t defined that way, from Railsconf’s twitter: “The world’s largest and longest-running gathering of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, practitioners, and companies” It would be super awesome to see it in Europe/UK at least once every few years…it’s kindof in the middle for everyone right?

It’s a different topic, but we’re organizing a tech conference focusing on Rails, named Kaigi on Rails.

We hopefully make it an international conference next year (yes, I’m optimistic enough to believe that we’re safe next year!)


Looks good! But still, I’d like to see Railsconf discover the rest of the world at least once :slight_smile: Plenty of us outside the U.S out there.

https://euruko2021.org/ is another.

A lot of years I’d be a fan of the idea, but international travel isn’t the hottest thing right now. A lot of US employers would not consider sending employees overseas also, and so there are trade offs. It’s easy to ask others to make giant efforts than to take them on yourself.

Perhaps a better approach, different than my original post is just try organizing another Railsconf instead of moving the American one to the EU, so basically have 2 major ones (the US Railsconf and another European one), could be something along the lines @okuramasafumi suggested with Kaigi on Rails, but it seems to be very focused on Japan (correct me if I’m wrong).

As it is now basically Europe has no conference for Rails (Euruko is for Ruby, not Rails), Europe only has small local meetups for Rails.

Taking a look at other frameworks: I can see Laravel has a European conference Discover January 18-22th - Laracon EU Online Symfony has quite a few in Europe Symfony Events Phoenix framework doesn’t seem to have any major conference anywhere (it’s still quite a small ecosystem it seems).

Just wanted to see more opinions on this - do people even want a Railsconf in Europe?

I am based in Europe and would welcome a Rails & Hotwire conference not too far from Belgium, even if I can’t say at this point if I would attend. For those who can’t attend there is also value in viewing recordings after the fact and staying in the loop when there are communications. Can be an opportunity to learn about new developments, best practices, connect with others in the field, recruiting, …

I agree to have another RailsConf event in Europe. I believe Rails is such an important ecosystem to developers worldwide.

Just to make things clear, we don’t have an intent to copy RailsConf with Kaigi on Rails. We’d rather implement out own ideas and thoughts into the conference. We’ll internationalize our conference following RubyKaigi - it’s also based in Japan and people running it are mostly Japanese, it attracts people from all over the world with tech talks in both Japanese and English. So, although Kaigi on Rails is physically located in Japan, it’ll welcome people across the universe :slight_smile:

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やった!Thank you! Let’s hope that things are good next year :slight_smile: