RailsConf Hackfest 2007 and CD Baby sprint

Ah, Portland. The open-source motherland. Pacific springtime beauty. RailsConf '07 nirvana.rb # => true and home of CD Baby, a little record store that digs Ruby and Rails.

We’re gearing up for a RailsConf hackfest[1] at the Jupiter hotel just down the street and figured, heck, let’s start now! The top twenty Rails contributors between the new year and conference registration opening day will have a free conf pass and a room at the Jupiter specially reserved, CD Baby’s treat.

No kidding. Registration opens in a matter of weeks. Sprint!

Rails contribution is measured by real Trac activity weighted in favor of well-tested, committed patches but also accounts for new tickets and even comments. We’re joining forces with Working With Rails to track Rails contributions[2] from the new year onward. To be included, mark yourself as a core contributor and give your Trac username in your account profile.

Have a Rails itch you’ve longed to scratch? Now’s the time! Happy hacking, and see you at RailsConf.


[1] [

[2] http://workingwithrails.com/contests/hackfest2007

Update: I announced contest close on the opening day of
registration[1] but Derek announced an earlier deadline on January
22nd[2]. Sorry for the confusion! To draw a reasonable compromise,
*the contest closes tonight, January 24th, at midnight PST*. (That's
2007-01-25 08:00:00 UTC.) After the contest closes, we'll continue
scoring the backlog of patches submitted before the deadline then
announce the winners this weekend.

So far, 258 participants have opened 443 tickets, submitted 501
patches, and made 2976 changes. Congratulations! And the leaderboard's
still tight with 17 hours to go..[3]

Thanks all,

[1] http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2007/1/8/hackfest-2007-and-cdbaby-sprint
[2] http://www.oreillynet.com/ruby/blog/2007/01/cd_baby_awards_free_railsconf.html
[3] http://workingwithrails.com/contests/hackfest2007

We’ve reviewed, committed, and scored the patch flood: 24 days,
263 participants, 462 tickets, 527 patches, 3169 comments.

Congratulations to our twenty RailsConf 2007 Hackfest winners!

Truly, a crack team of Rails commandos.

Good show, all. See you at RailsConf!