Rails6 - app ''freezes''

lately my app server (puma or passenger) is slowing down drastically or freezing complete. booting rails takes couple of minutes, ctl+c sometimes wornt work at all (have to kill process); so as soon as i change a route and have an error the app is frozen.

what to do?

rails6; zeitgeist…app is running on debian on HyperV. other vm are fine; even other apps on same vm are fine…

had no issues under rails5.


do you have better_errors gem bundled with your app? I’ve had very similar issue some time ago, then certain errors hanged better_errors even on production.

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Be sure to share Gemfile and Gemfile.lock, it may give people some ideas

Hey Sam, so I did read the community guidelines and hopefully Im not violating them here and I don’t want to steer this conversation into a different area and if I am wrong here I can be sure to do it more accurately in the future. I am very new to all this and I am just curious about your reply as to why sharing those files would maybe be helpful in regards to this issue? Again my apologies in advance if this was not the proper way to do this, I am just curious and want to learn so that I can help in the future.

This allows us to quickly scan dependencies to determine if we know off the top of our heads if there is a problematic or out-of-date gem being used in the application.

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Thank you so much Sam, that makes complete sense.

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If you’re using a recent version of Puma on Mac, press CTRL-T in the terminal window with a running Puma server when it freezes and post the output.

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