rails3 - S3 - paperclip Setup Problem

I'm trying to setup paperclip with amazon s3so I can use photos on a
heroku app. I'm really struggling just getting it setup. I'm just trying
the most basic example at the moment.

rails - 3.0.0 / ruby 1.8.7 / paperclip (2.3.4) / aws-s3 (0.6.2)

The error method I'm getting is 'undefined method `stringify_keys''

Here's all my relevant code:


--------------------- Model
class AllEvent < ActiveRecord::Base

require 'paperclip'
#require 'aws-s3' -

  has_attached_file :photo,
    :styles => {
      :thumb=> "50x50#",
      :small => "150x150>" },
  :storage => :s3,
    :s3_credentials => "#{Rails.root.to_s}/config/s3.yml",
    :path => ":attachment/:id/:style.:extension",
    :bucket => 'teneventsnewbucket'

-------------- Controller

class EdinburghController < ApplicationController

before_filter :authenticate, :except => [:index]

require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'
require 'paperclip'
#require 'aws-s3'

def index

  @title = "Edinburgh"

  #start afresh each time, for test purposes

  #to allow deleting events
  @all_events = AllEvent.all

... end

----------------- View

<% events_group.each do |event| %>
    <td><%=h image_tag event.photo.url(:thumb) %></td>



I've verified paperclip is working ok, if I remove the storage=> s3
line, all works fine.

The error method I'm getting is 'undefined method `stringify_keys''

Can anyone tell me where this method should be found? paperclip? aws-s3?
So I can try and work out where the problem might be coming from

I've commented out the 'require aws-s3' line at the top of model and
controller, leaving this in returns the error
"no such file to load -- aws-s3"
Is this a problem??

I've tried re installing aws-s3 using 'bundle install' and 'gem

Anyone else had similar issues?

SOLVED (I think...)

I didn't leave a space between 'access_key_id:' and 'BlahNlahBla' - my
secret access key! Man that took a long time to fix! - Working now