Rails won't execute backticked OS commands

I'm at a loss as what to look for...

I can issue a command result = `some_os_command_string` on my dev system
just fine in both a pur ruby test file, and from Rails in dev mode.

When I push that code to my server, the backtick command doesn't work.
No failure message -- even if I wrap it in begin/rescue so I have no
specific clues to work from.

I can run that same back ticked command on the server from a simple ruby
test file, but not from Rails.

Any ideas what I could look for as to why Rails might be interfering
with this?


(OS X 10.5.8 client and server versions, Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 2.3.2)

-- gw

There is probably no or different path. Try with an absolute file name, e.g.,
`/usr/bin/commmand args`.


Quoting Greg Willits <lists@ruby-forum.com>: