rails vendor directory ... WTF???

Hey all,

Working on a little rails app and was gonna install backgroundrb for
something.. tried to go into the vendor/plugins dir and plugins wasn't
there! my app was created with a normal rails appname command.. i
tried making another and the same thing happened.. where do i put my
backgroundrb plugin now? that's not all.. to make matters even more
perplexing inside vendor there's a bunch of 'activexxxxxx' folders and
a rails folder.. in the rails folder there's the same directories and
it goes on with a bunch of nested directories.. seriously wtf?


yup just started using Aptana + Radrails.. but i used the rails
command at the commandline to make the rails tree (it didn't work for
me through the IDE).. so the plugins directory should be there? i
guess i'll just go ahead and create it. for a sec i thought they
changed where they stored them.